2017 Meyer 4516

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• Fastest and most efficient unloading forage box on the market!

• Variable speeds up to 17 feet per minute on the main apron

• -- More speed selections than any other forage box!

• New and improved all steel design.

• New extended warranty on Gear Box, apron chains and floor.

The 4500 frame features a bolted construction. The 1/2" bolts and lock nuts fasten the cross members to the main stringers every 24". You won't find any sheet metal in the Meyer frame.

TSS Control Panel - Simple yet Efficient: The TSS design allows the operator more speed selections with less moving parts. Low range is 0 - 7'6"/mn. High range gives you the fastest clean-out in the industry - up to 17'/mn. Plus, the Independent Cross Conveyor Clutch allows you to feather start your cross conveyor on big loads.

Cross Conveyor Extension: A convenient cross conveyor extension is available to accomodate large tires or hard to get at spots. It extends out 24" and can be folded up when traveling.

Low Maintenance - Easy Access: All roller chains have automatic nylon tighteners. Auger and conveyor bearings are sealed for your convenience. Variable speed sheaves have 1/2" drive pins, not 3/8".

TSS Auger Design: Auger Feathering System allows the operator to inch the augers clean without bringing the load forward. This is accomplished through the variable speed drive. No extra belts. Notice the large 18" augers (not beaters) are tapered back more than others for the most even feed on the market.

Open Top Option: Available with or without height extension on all models. All open tops come standard with side support kit

High Volume Options: 12" taller sides for maximum capacity. (Includes side support kit). Available with or without roof 6" taller roof with standard side height.

  • Model: 4516
  • Floor Length: 16'6"
  • Overall Length: 19'4"
  • Weight: 4480#
  • Main Apron: 667H
  • Overall Width:  All Models 107"
  • Inside Width:  All Models 87"
  • Overall Height:  All Models 113 1/2" w / Std. Roof
  • Inside Height:  All Models 94" w / Std. Roof
  • TSS-Total Speed System:  All Models - Low Range: 0 - 7.5' / minute; High Range: 0 - 17' / minute
  • Quick Removable Roof:  All Models - Std. Equipment
  • Auger Feathering System:  All Models - Std. Equipment
  • Unloading, Even Feed Augers:  3 Large 18" Diameter Augers. Drum Style Design w / 2" Auger Teeth
  • Power Source:  540 rpm PTO Drive or Hydraulic Drive Motor (All Models)
  • Cross Conveyor Feed Delivery: Either Left or Right Hand Discharge
  • Cross Conveyor Outfeed: 12" Extension Std. (24" Fold-up Opt.)
  • Cross Conveyor Chain: D662 Pintle Chain w / Hold-Downs - 21" width
  • Safety Clutch: All Models - Std. Equipment
  • IOC-Independent Outfeed Clutch: All Models - Std. Equipment
  • Poly Floor (Solid): Optional
  • Box Tie Down Kit & Transport Lights: All Models - Std. Equipment
  • Side Support System: Optional on all Models (Except Std. on Open Top or High Roof Models)
  • 6" Higher Roof (Includes Side Supports): Optional on all Models
  • 12" Higher Sides: Optional on all Models - Open Top or Roof Models
No Hassle Warranty
  • 2 year warranty on entire box: 1st year parts and labor. 2nd year parts.
  • 5 years on the I260 lower gear box
  • 5 years on the main apron chain.



19 ft. 4 in.
113 1/2 in. w / Std. Roof
4480 lb.

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